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The love for construction began in this family over 55 years ago. Brothers, Randy and Jerry Abram, created Abram Brothers Inc. in 1965. They provided services ranging from building new homes to excavating large development projects. Around 1979, Jerry Abram went on to start Abram Grading and Seeding, while Randy Abram continued with excavating, thus creating Abram Excavating Inc. Both companies were in successful operation for many decades.








Kyle Abram, owner of Abram Construction Services, was introduced to the industry at a young age. During his early teenage years, he began working for both his uncle's grading and seeding business and his father's excavating company. After years working as a laborer for the excavating company, Kyle began operating heavy equipment at 17 years old. He continued working with his father during college and full time after graduating.


He utilized his degree in Criminology, working as a police officer with the Bloomington Police Department for 9 years. However, he knew his heart never left the construction industry. During his time in college and working as a police officer, he continued working with his father in excavating in his time off. Kyle also expanded on his knowledge of the industry by working with friends who were operating building contracting companies. This allowed him to learn carpentry, finish carpentry, tile setting, remodeling, business operations, etc. 

With the desire to start a company of his own, Kyle decided to expand his education and obtain an advanced degree focused on business. Married, with three children and working as an officer, he was able to complete a Master of Business Administration degree in two years. Obtaining this degree, years spent as an equipment operator and working alongside building contractors, paved the way to the beginning of Abram Construction Services in 2012.


The work provided by the company is not successfully completed without the hard-working and knowledgeable team, who we are thankful to have. Providing services in such a wide array of areas in one industry, requires a great group of professionals! Thank you to our crew and customers.

A special thanks to the following list of people who have played a part in the experience and wisdom passed on, which led to the creation of this company:

- God (He orchestrated the path from a position on high!)

- Melissa Abram (support, the rock behind the operations!)

- Randy Abram (excavating and business operations)

- Jerry Abram (grading and seeding)

- Billy Breeden (heavy equipment operation)

- Mark Stuffle (contracting and carpentry)

- Bruce Johnston (contracting)

- Tim Roberts (finish carpentry, business strategy)

- Neal Zook (carpentry, finish carpentry)

- Josh Walcott (carpentry, finish carpentry)

- Wayne Sempsrott (contracting)

- Jared Oren (business operations and strategy)

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